Levels of Sedation offered at Shelbyville Oral Surgery

sedation_levels.pngBeing Pleasant. 
•Sedation is really about being comfortable.

•It’s much easier to be comfortable when people are being pleasant.

Local Anesthetic
•Our philosophy is that a patient is numb when they say they are numb, not when the dentist thinks they ought to be numb.

•You are in control of your procedure.  If you say “stop” for any reason, we stop for you.

Nitrous Oxide
•The famous “laughing gas”

•We offer the “gas for numbing” option.  Most people dislike getting shots, and we offer a lower price option to use the nitrous gas just to get you through the numbing, which many people like.

Pill Sedation
•This works great to create a relaxed, pleasant feeling throughout a procedure.

•This works Really great when we combine  it with nitrous oxide, which is a popular alternative to IV sedation

IV sedation
•Offers the greatest control for in office anxiety and fear.
•Erases memory more than nitrous oxide or pill sedation
•This is good for many, but its not for everyone.  A detailed medical review is performed in-office to protect your safety.