Our Services

  • Maintenance

    See us for your cleanings and regular examinations.

  • Fillings

    We provide cosmetic “tooth colored” fillings, and time-proven alloy fillings. If you have questions about the different types of fillings, we are happy to have an honest discussion with you about the advantages and disadvantages of either kind. Dr. Canfield has had extensive training at the renowned Las Vegas Institute in cosmetics and can offer the most up to date materials when they are appropriate.

  • Wisdom Teeth

    We provide third molar removal with IV sedation, pill sedation, or nitrous oxide sedation.

  • Crowns

    We use cosmetic porcelain crowns to repair badly broken teeth.

  • Replacement

    We use partials, implants, or bridges to replace missing teeth.

  • Dentures

    We provide custom fit dentures, including immediate dentures, and implant supported dentures. As owner of Natural Dentures in Indianapolis for 7 years, Dr. Canfield brings a lot of experience to the denture fitting process.

  • Sedation

    We are also happy to provide IV sedation or any type of sedation for fillings or other types of procedures. Just let us know what your comfort level is!